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Appellate Practice

Dunlap & Shipman is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality appellate counsel and representation. We are also available to assist trial lawyers from other firms with their appellate support needs. Our attorneys have handled appeals in federal and state appellate court forums, in almost every area of law. Our team has substantial experience handling appeals of final orders and judgments of trial courts, appeals of non-final orders, appellate motion practice, oral argument, petitions for writs of certiorari, jurisdictional briefs, and appeals of decisions of local governments and administrative boards and tribunals to lower courts, as prelude to appellate court review.

Our appellate practitioners understand that appellate proceedings start at the trial court level, with careful attention paid to development of the record and preservation of issues for appeal. Each decision of whether to file an appeal must be properly analyzed with careful attention paid to the critical considerations of the case as they are most likely to be seen from the eyes of the appellate court, as well as compliance with strict deadlines. Then, well-researched and persuasive written and oral argument must be made to properly convey the issues to the appellate court.

Appellate proceedings require a different approach and skill set from trial proceedings, and our team is ready and able to assist clients and fellow practitioners to effectively position their appeals and maximize the chances of success.

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