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Insurance Claims & Coverage Disputes

Dunlap & Shipman provides clients with a full range of insurance coverage services to help clients navigate the complex business and legal issues that arise in matters relating to insurance.

Our attorneys have substantial experience representing the insureds, as well as insurance carriers in pre-suit negotiations, arbitration, appraisal, and mediation proceedings, administrative proceedings, and lawsuits filed in state and federal courtrooms throughout Florida.  We have successfully prosecuted improper denials of insurance coverage and failure to issue full and proper claim payments, and successfully defended insurance carrier’s in first-party coverage and claim payment disputes. Some examples of our team’s extensive insurance related experience include frequently drafting coverage opinions for insurance carriers, filing or responding to Civil Remedy Notices, filing or responding to Notices of Intent to Initiate Litigation, taking the insured’s Examinations Under Oath, defending multi-million-dollar commercial property first-party claims, defending insureds in catastrophic injury and liability claims, defending employers in employment claims under an EPL policy, defending contractors in multi-party commercial construction defect and liability claims, defending design professional in professional negligence claims under an E&O policy, navigating policy limit demands, tenders, and other  coverage concerns related to excess and umbrella insuring agreements, and managing the unique risks associated with bad faith and extra-contractual claims.

Our team looks forward to working with you to develop your custom strategy designed to implement your insurance needs, coverage concerns, and creatively solve your insurance-related disputes.

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